A Secret & Effective Formula which Eliminates Tumors

(The secret formula is provided by a member of Cancer support group, Mr Jimmy Lee @ Pasir Ris )

750 grams papaya
750 grams pineapple (soak in salt water, drain)
3 tablespoon of Apricot seed
北杏 bei xing (cannot be consumed in large quatities, excessive doses can cause poisoning)
3 tablespoon of Apricot seed, to be taken raw and 3 times a day. Preferably, 1 hour before a meal. The tumor will soften and become smaller rapidly. Many individuals have tried and gained good results. This secret formula has saved several lives.
§ Choose a papaya that is just ripe or a papaya with flesh begining to turn red. At this stage, the papaya contains abundant papain, vitamins and minerals. It is the kind of papaya which a fruit vendor advises it is to be eaten on the next day.
§ Though raw papayas contain plenty of enzymes, they are lack of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the taste is too strong and hard to consume.
§ While, papayas that are too ripe contain less enzymes and thus not ideal.
§ In order to maintain the refreshing taste of a pineapple, you can prepare it this way: slice or dice it, soak in salt water for approximately 30 minutes and rinse with cool water to remove the salty taste. This method can also help to expel allergens.
§ Not everyone can consume pineapples, you need to be very careful if you have allergies. You must refrain from eating pineapples, if you were allergic to them.
* It will bring better results if you blend together the papaya, pineapple, apple, Sabah Snake Grass and drink. Nevertheless, you should consume the Apricot seed separately. Lots of individuals are trying it. Some individuals fell their tumors have soften just after one week (the slowest is six weeks).
Foreign friends have responded that it’s inconvenient to find raw papayas or raw pineapples locally. However, I have found a replacement for them. The problem is now solved. You may take 1000 mg of papain tablets and pineapple capsules respectively. Take 3 times a day (total = 3000 mg).

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