Agarwood For Life: Agarwood Samples

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

I got many request to offer a “samples” of what I love to use as for recommendations. At last, I do believe this batch gonna be best, even I don’t have beautiful oil to include together. And for sure, some type of this sample is very limited in quantity, it won’t last long.

Yes, this batch not gonna be the best you get. But you may easily experience the different of scent profiles from floral to earthy. From top to base notes. From light to heavy notes. From cheap to expensive notes. From sad mood of notes to happy 🙂

For whatever it is, I advise you to use electric incense heater with medium temperature to get best possible aroma. As guarantee, I myself do not have any before dealing with this batch. As we all know, temperature is 1 of the major key of cooking. Lol

Agarwood chips from >130 years old living tree

I might add extra samples which I got from Burma, and different type of quality from local as above picture. Or whatever I might consider.

Thank you.

Agarwood Gaharu 沉香 香文化 奇楠 沉香 伽羅 沈香 黄熟香 蘭奢待 東大寺 栈香 真那伽 羅国 真南蛮 佐曾羅 寸聞多羅 桂皮 诃子 丁子 甘草属 廣藿香 匙葉甘鬆 大黄 紅花 大茴香 貝香 蘭奢待 香道具 聞香 香道 香炉 菖蒲香 香道具 組香 源氏香 香 馫 茶道 ខ្លឹមចាន់ ཨ་ག་རུ་ ཨ་ག་རུ་སེར་པོ་ ཨར་སྐྱ་ ཨར་ནག ไกฤษณา அகில் ໄມ້ເກດສະ العود دهن_العود ماليزيا Amber Ambergris Aloeswood Antique Aromateraphy Aquilaria Beccariana Bonsai Bracelet Candan Censer Eaglewood FrankIncense Fumigate Hirta Incense KoDo Koi Kyara Kynam Malaccensis Microcarpa Musk Oolong Oud Oudh PaloSanto Perfume Qinam Qinan Qynam Scent Rare Ranjatai Resin Rosary Rostrata Sandalwood Scents Sinensis Subintegra Tea ThitMhwae Zen

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