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Porcupne Bezoar – 1 packet costing RM250.00

Recently, I was down with dengue fever and a friend gave me 2 packet of Porcupine Bezoar.  I was to eat 1/2 packet in the morning and the balance in the evening.

I was confirmed to have dengue after 5 days of high fever.  By then my blood platelet was down to 130 but the hospital won’t admit me.  I was asked to have another blood test the next day.


On the 6th day morning, my friend gave me 2 packets of Porcupine Bezoar and immediately I took 1/2  packet.  About an hour after taking the Porcupine Bezoar, I went for the schedule blood test.  My blood platelet was down to 83 but my fever was gone.
I was admitted into the hospital and continue to take the balance Porcupine Bezoar.  On the 7th day, my blood platelet was down to 79 with no fever.  The doctor was pleased with the little drop.


On the 8th day, my blood platelet was up to 95 and I was discharged from the hospital. Porcupine Bezoar powdered is easy to consume and it licorice taste is pleasant to the palate.

As at todate, there is still no medicine to cure  dengue fever.  In the hospital, the patient is put on drip with constant monitoring of fever and blood platelet only.  It is all up to your body to fight this virus. However, we now know that water melon juice, papaya leave juice and the most effective Porcupine Bezoar can help to reduce heat and clear the dengue virus.

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