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Some Pointers

1. All fruits, jars, utensils must be cleaned and air dry to prevent contamination.

2. In the event you find black mold, well, some say you just scope away the black mold and add more sugar. As for me, black mold means it is contaminated and it’s better not to put this into our body. However, nothing go to waste, you can turn this into eco-friendly enzyme (Garbage Enzyme which I have posted earlier).

3. Apart from honey and rock sugar, you can also use brown sugar, brown sugar candy bar, organic sugar and molasses but honey will produce enzyme with lower alcohol contain.
. 4. Use glass jar to make your enzyme and glass bottle to store your enzyme.
. 5. Ready enzyme can be store in the refrigerator to slow down further fermentation which increase the alcohol contain.
. 6. Do not use anything that is made of metal to touch your enzyme.

. 7. Jar must be air tight but lid must be opened once a day to release gas built-up in the jar caused by fermentation.

. 8. There is 2 methods to make fruits enzyme. The above receipts is one method and the 2ndmethod is –
1 part sugar, 3 parts fruits and 10 parts water. Add sugar, water and fruits into glass jar and leave it to ferment for 3 months.

9. I have tried both method and prefer the 1stmethod. It’s faster and taste better.

10. Some of the Enzymes that I have made and drank so far are orange and lemon, orange and aloe vera, lemon, orange and apple, lemon, aloe vera and apple, ginger, tomatoes, grapes, dragon fruits and pineapple. Different fruits have different health benefit,. so be creative and make the enzyme that is suitable for you.
Let’s drink to our health.
Aunty Sandy

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