Quality of Agarwood Oil

Just as a mystic sage grows in wisdom and spiritual insight over the years, so does the Agarwood resin in the Aquilaria trunk intensify its fragrance over time.

The quality of an Aloeswood oil depends on the quality of the Agarwood from which it is extracted. The oldest and most resinated aloeswood will yield the rarest and most precious Oud oil. The aging process enhances the fragrant aura of the Oud resin and intensifies its aromatic value.

That is why there is a wide range of different Oud qualities and grades. The cheapest Oud oil is distilled from agarwood that costs as little as $20 a kilogram, while the finest Oud can be distilled from agarwood that costs as much as $7,000 per kilogram. The latter is regarded as the highest quality Oud, and it is produced and cherished only in the royal circles of the Gulf and Far East.

The very finest Agarwood reaches a resin content so heavy that it actually sinks in water. This is a phenomenal occurrence because, like all types of wood, Aloeswood normally floats on water. The resin of the Oud becomes so dense that it causes the agarwood to sink. This type of sinking grade aloeswood is known as ‘jinkoh’, which means ‘sinking incense’.

Oriscent presents sinking-grade Oud in its most potent and fragrant form.

via Oriscent LLC: What makes good Aloeswood?

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