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Sabah Snake Grass – A cure for Cancer and Other Diseases

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Dunny Nasution

Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) gain recognition as an effective cure for certain kind of cancer after a local newspaper reported that in 2008, a 56 year old, Mr. Liu Lian Hui was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphatic cancer. He was given 3 months to live. Today, Mr. Liew is still alive and he told the local media that he cured himself by drinking SSG juice.
Accordingly to him, he blended the SSG with green apple and drank the juice every morning after bread-fast. Within 3 days, 6 tumors disappeared and after 13 days he was informed by the oncologist that he was 96% cured!
A Mr. Ng grows SSG in his garden and supply free to about 30 cancer patients. According to him, all patients reported improvement and some even show tumors disappearing as early as 2 weeks of consumption. In more serious cases, he said, it may takes about 4 weeks.
Apart from knowing that SSG is effective as a cancer cure; most people do not know much of this plant. Below is some information which I have researched and would like to share with my readers.
Sabah Snake Grass or Sabah Snake Plant is also known as:
Scientific name : Clinacanthus Nutas
Chinese name : Yu Xun Cao
Local name : Belalai Gajah and Gendis.
Meridian Channel : Liver and Kidney
There are 2 Varieties of Snake Grass plant:-
Indian Snake Grass
Very bitter in taste and not possible to take large amount like 100 leaves, as the taste will be too bitter and will result in very bad backache. It is not an effective cure for cancer.
Sabah Snake Grass
Sweet in taste. Leave of SSG is longer than ISG. Lung cancer patients may experience nausea as a side effect. It is effective against cancer as reported by patients.
Usage of SSG – Traditional use for:
Sore throat
Uric acid
Uterine fibroid
Kidney disease
Prostate inflammation
Skin problems like eczema, shingles and psoriasis
Dialysis patients
Urinary system syndrome
Proven treatment of Herpes, simplex virus type 2 strain G, HSU-2
Lymphatic problem &
Purify blood which will improve sensitive skin and lymph nodes problem (blend with burdock & carrot juice)
Improve blood circulation (concocted into herbal drink with red dates)
Kidney cleanser & detoxification (concocted into herbal drink with black soybeans)
Note: black soybeans increase the medicinal effect of SSG in detoxification & energy boost to the kidney meridian function. Whole plant can be used as medicinal herb.
Also benefit the following:
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
High uric
Present known to cure the following type of cancers:
Lymphatic cancer
Lung cancer
Uterus cancer
Prostate cancer
Brest cancer
Liver cancer
Nasal cavity cancer
Method of Preparation and Consumption
Add a slice of apple before blending. After blending, it is advisable to warm juice before drinking. Drink juice before meal. Drinking after meal may cause vomiting for people with sensitive intestine and stomach.
May be blend with other fruits like burdock and carrot for treating other problem as stated above or concocted with red dates or black soya beans. Ginger may also be added to counter the cooling effect of SSG.
Leave of SSG can be wind dried into tea leave. Simmer dried SSG leave in hot water and drink as tea. Dried SSG leave can also be blend into powder and make into capsule.

Recommended dosage:
SSG is very cooling, do not take more than 30 leaves per day for non-cancer patient. Cancer patient will have to follow the dosage according their cancer stage (refer to my earlier post on Sabah Snake Grass for recommended dosage) and to reduce leaves intake when there is improvement.
Side Effect
SSG is a very cooling herb and if taken too excessively are known to cause the following side effect:
Pain on thighs and knees
Restless legs
Weak knees
Back pain
Coughing profusely
Lung cancer patients may experience nausea
Vomit if people with sensitive intestine and stomach drink SSG juice after meal.
Others that is yet to be discovered
Aunty Sandy

Dunny Nasution

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