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Obat Kanker: Poisonous and Noxious Plants

Plant Life: Poisonous and Noxious Plants

Poisonous plants Poisonous plants have evolved toxic substances that function to defend them against herbivores and thereby better adapt them for survival. After evolving adaptations that facilitated colonization of terrestrial habitats, plants were confronted with a different type of problem.…

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Obat Kanker: Mosses

Plant Life: Mosses

Mosses Members of the ten thousand species of the class Bryopsida or Musci in the order Bryophyta, mosses are usually tiny, fragile, nonflowering, spore-bearing plants. They are related to hornworts and liverworts. Mosses evolved from green algae before the existence…

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Obat Kanker: Lipids

Plant Life: Lipids

Lipids Lipids are a diverse group of compounds sharing the common property of being hydrophobic (insoluble in water). Lipids include fatty acids, fats, oils, steroids (sterols), waxes, cutin, suberin, glycerophospholipids (phospholipids), glyceroglycolipids (glycosylglycerides), terpenes, and tochopherols. Lipids are ubiquitous in…

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Obat Kanker: Lichens

Plant Life: Lichens

Lichens Lichens are composed of two distinct species, a fungus and a photosynthetic alga (or bacterium) that have coevolved to live in a symbiotic relationship with each other as a single life-form that grows on rocks, trees, and other substrates.…

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Obat Kanker: Herbs

Plant Life: Herbs

Herbs The term “herb” has a variety of meanings but is most frequently used in one of three ways. To a botanist, an herb is a plant with a soft, flexible stem and a life cycle that is completed in…

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Obat Kanker: Extranuclear Inheritance

Plant Life: Extranuclear Inheritance

Extranuclear inheritance is a non-Mendelian form of heredity that involves genetic information located in cytoplasmic organelles, such as mitochondria and chloroplasts, rather than on the chromosomes found in the cell nucleus. Extranuclear genes, also known as cytoplasmic genes, are located…

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