Thailand 100% pure Agarwood oil from Chanthaburi

100% pure Agarwood oil from Chanthaburi  Thailand has been distilled in the year 2010
so it is nearly 5 years old.

Only wild agarwood from the jungle the city of Chanthaburi,
Eastern of Thailand has been used for distillation so you can be sure that this
oil gathers the most wild and exotic notes you can think off.

From the stick you get notes of lime, grapefruit and a touch
of white peper. However my skin it opens up with aroma of rich and creamy white
chocolate. Then slowly Thai spices start to comes out leaving you with ginger
and sweet chili dry down. This is perhaps the most exotic and unusual oud oil
that Kitab Al Oud is offering. .. 12ml comes in a plain glass bottle.

Natural Agarwood

 Taurean Earth brand essential body oils and aromatherapy oils are pressed or distilled from natural sources, then blended with high-grade white mineral oil.

Agarwood tree

We do not use or sell any artificial scents, only natural oils. We blend most of our oils in-house from American suppliers, and we’re happy to be able to say “Made in America”. Our sole international supplier hails from India, we believe in transparency.

 Take the step towards natural living, and allow your skin to blend with the oils to enjoy your sense of smell. We search for aromas that blend well, and that are rich in their perfumes. We strive to stand for good principles of business, and we bring to you our products with the confidence of quality, to enrich your daily life.

When you purchase we products, you are taking the bull by the horns, and getting back to basics when it comes to the marketplace. We are on-line, but we are still people serving people. Based in Pasadena, we take great pride in searching the streets of Los Angeles county for local artisan products, as well as high quality imports from companies that support good business practices.

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